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Gravel Pit Rd. Bridge


Located on Gravel Pit Road in Ancaster right off of Mineral Springs Road.
The story is that two men were killed on the road when a train crashed over top of the bridge that ran over Gravel Pit Road.
Is it haunted?
We think so. When we got there we could feel that there was definately something there. When you walk through the tunnel under the bridge it is farely cooler than outside of it. Very creepy looking bridge on a really bad turn (about 80 degrees).

Saturday, Oct.23/04
Notes: When we walked inside the tunnel, it was a lot cooler than outside of it. But there was this one really cold spot in the tunnel, right near the enterance of the tunnel at about the 80 degree mark (approx. the point where the tunnel and road meet). Also, while walking atop the bridge i felt the "spider web" effect a lot.



The two pics above is of the back of the tunnel, facing the enterance of Gravel Pit Road.. The pic on the left has 2 very noticeable ORBS on the top. Also some small orbs around the middle near the sign. The pic on the right has 1 big ORB and 1 small orb near the tree.



The pic on the left has many ORBS throughout the whole entire picture. The pic on the right has some small orbs in the top left-hand corner, as well as 1 orb in the middle towards the bottom. This pic was taken from the top of the bridge looking downwards on the tunnel.



The pic on the left has 2 small faint orbs near the top of the left-hand side of the picture. The pic on the right has 1 very faint ORB in the middle of the bushes and trees. Both these pics were taken on the top of the bridge, on the trail.